Sunday, September 07, 2008


The BBC Sports Personality of the Year sometimes struggles a bit to find a genuine winner to be the Personality. (Zara Phillips?)

But 2008 is looking a bit different.

We have become Australian in our sporting prowess. Chris Hoy, Rebecca Adlington, Bradley Wiggins anyone? The England Cricket Team under Kevin Pietersen? Manchester United's second European Cup in nine years (and Sir Alex was knighted for the last one)? Lewis Hamilton may yet hang on to win his Formula One Championship.

And maybe, just maybe...

I am sitting here having just watched Andy Murray's semi-final victory over Rafael Nadal in New York. If he beats the slightly out of form Roger Federer, he becomes the first Brit to win a Grand Slam tennis event for seventy two years.

What price a December Embarrassment of Riches? Unthinkable. Glorious.

(The Next Day)

Unthinkable. Glorious, but not successful. More Greg Rusedski than Fred Perry. And in this wonderful country I am visiting, the local CBS affiliate decided Dr Phil was more important than the US Open Men's Final, so I had to watch it on YouTube quality internet coverage. Somebody should try and civilise somebody around here.

Hats off to Federer - a class act in anybody's language and anybody's land.

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