Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Seoul Survivor

Here it is - Salvation's Song, the book, in Korean. Just what I have been waiting for!

Er, well...

I mean, it is pretty awe-inspiring. Not just having written a book, but now I've written a book I can't read. How impressive is that?

Of course, I expect it's both a Jesus and a Manchester United thing. That Far-East connection, all those shirt sales (Man Utd, though Jesus may sell some too) and the football references that are littered through my easy-read but thought-provoking theology - perhaps Park Ji-Sung has read my book (Salvation's Sung)?

Kingsway just sent them to me. An email came saying they were on their way. I have no idea about how royalties work in the Far East (well, apart from the King & I - shall we dance?) or what currency it would come in. Maybe this is the Lord's provision against the credit crunch! Or I could buy Newcastle United!

So: I shall place a copy in the bookstall at the back of church and eagerly wait for the first Korean person to visit us so I can give them a gift. Boy will they be surprised! I'm thinking it will take about three weeks. (It's been about six years since the last one, so we must be about due.)

One last thing...

Which bit of writing on the cover is my name?


the_exile said...

Annyong Marcus!

Korean script is a nice simple phonetic letter-based system. Your name is at the top right. You can look up how to pronounce the rest here (for example):

Ricky Carvel said...

That's awesome!

You have to learn to sign your name like that.

I dunno how it is for books like yours, but if my book (engineering tome) ever gets translated into another language, the royalties would be much higher - it was all laid out in the original contract.

Still, I'm very impressed! Well done.

Jess Wilson said...

haha im impressed love it! time to take up the learning of another foreign language?