Friday, February 20, 2009


A gentle doffing of my captain's hat to chief pirate Jones for the Landlubbers children's club which has run throughout this week. You can see her here, with daughter Flo, our youngest recruit, right at the end of everything. We saw 40-50 kids every day come to the club - an amazing achievement - and they had a great time, playing, making stuff, singing & learning about Jesus.

For a church of our size to put on a club like this, I am so delighted. Kirsty is an absolute star. Her volunteers worked like Trojans too, and evertime I popped my head around the door there was a palpable buzz of joy in the hall.

Thanks to all for helping. And hats off to the pirate chief: blessing families around here with great fun, a purpose to the holiday mornings, and above all that, sharing the good news of Jesus, Kirsty - you do a wonderful job. Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

Why are all pirates from the West Country?

Because they Arrrrrrr

on an unrelated note:
Quinquagesima = 50 days before Easter, including Sundays in the count.