Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Coming Soon!

Just thought you'd like to know.


joyce said...

looking forward to this weekend enormously,and appreciate the concessions too.Joyce

Marcus G said...

Yes, it will be great to do the Big Band Praise again, and to raise lots of funds for such a good cause.

The last BBP was a total blast... And I already have my head swimming with a couple of new arrangements... I too can't wait!

Plus the chance to have John Mills playing here is such a treat: a world class guitarist, and his wife Cobie is phenomenal too.

Anonymous said...

Are tickets available on the door?

Do students get concessions?

Are you going to scat somemore?

...all I have is questions

Marcus G said...

Yes - tickets available at the door! (But you can get them early from me, from Mill Street Newsagent & from church)

Of course students get concessions! We always make excuses for you & mentally go - "well, that's the students for you". Oh - you mean, can you come in for the lower price...
S'pose so.

Scat singing in the Spirit is essential to any Big Band Praise evening.

After Thursday I'm amazed you didn't just look this stuff up on Wikipedia!