Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wengen (3)

One of the pleasures of visiting here is renewing friendships and spending time with people over meals and in cafes and hotels and homes.

Maggie is always a delight - and a meal at her house is a joy, given her husband's culinary skills. And apple schnapps. And mandarin ice cream. Everything home-made, you understand. Andy & Ulli talked trees, and the rest of us simply indulged...

I have been surfing the finer establishments of the village: Sheridan's on Friday, Paul & Sarah's on Saturday, and I have been well fed and watered. And even more importantly the company has been superb.

Also on Friday I had a lovely lunch with Jutta, and as ever we prayed and shared how the Lord has blessed us through the year. I look forwards to seeing how her move to Austria works out.

But tonight it's back to the meal rota and supper at the (better left unnamed) Hotel. Four of us were there on Wednesday. The worst meal I have ever had in a hotel. The worst. We were all appalled by it and commenting on how terrible it was - till the waiter came and asked, "Everything OK?" At which point we meekly nodded and said, "Oh yes, thank you," and then as he walked away laughed at how we had fulfilled such a British national stereotype! Tonight I (a) hope for better, and (b) if necessary promise not to do so badly on the honesty stakes...

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Ceri said...

I didn't realise Joyce went away with you, but Barney's grown!