Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pooling Resources

Final day here at the Bellevue San Lorenzo. So I took advantage of an English couple I was chatting to by the pool to get a shot of me here at the side of the hotel's classic brochure view... and then returned the favour.

This has been a really short break but a good one, and one I'd love to repeat. The hotel is so peaceful, the food so good, the views great and there is plenty of chance simply to relax. Which I think I needed.

When I first came to Pontypridd, Mary who was minister at the church across the road, was always away on holiday. She split her five weeks in the year into a week off every two months or so. At the time I remember thinking that I couldn't understand how she did it - it took me ages to unwind, and then I'd be winding back up again. If I took three weeks off, only the middle week actually worked as holiday. But now I begin to get it. You have to choose your breaks well. Be places where you really can relax. And then a short gap can actually be genuinely refreshing. I suppose this is how some clergy work with caravans or a cottage in the country.

A caravan sounds like hell to me. A cottage in the country? Depends which country. And whether there's a waiter who brings me strawberries and champagne.

My simple tastes are easy to please.

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