Thursday, September 04, 2008


Totally bonkers.

Man City gets bought by one of the world's richest men on Monday, who then buys Robinho minutes before the Transfer Deadline Window shuts - having tried to fit in about 37 other deals in 23 minutes as well.

Alan Curbishley resigns as West Ham manager. (The Hammers have played 3 games this season, winning two of them.)

And King Kev, the beloved messiah of Newcastle now has resigned from his Geordie post. Played three, won one, drawn one, lost one.

For Curbs, it was the buying & selling policy of a club where he was the last to know what was going on. The same for Keegan. Now Hammers fans are divided about Curbishley - which seems unfair, given the turn around in that great club's fortunes last season. But on Tyneside there is general mourning at Kev's sudden departure. They are burning the club chairman's effigy everywhere.

Since Kev last left Newcastle, eleven years ago, they have had seven other managers. And no success. Man Utd have had the same man at the top for twenty-two years and countless trophies. There is some corollary here.

That pundits can see it, fans can see it, newspaper columnists can see it, half-blind dogs can see it - but football club chairmen cannot: it's just bonkers.

And, as I said on Monday, the Abu Dhabi United Group that now own Man City are not football people. So - they will act as the board at West Ham and Newcastle have done. And all the money in the world will buy them no success at all, because football is a team game, and the team has to work from top to bottom. Undermine the manager, and it's time to go home boys, cos nothing here's going to work.

(Of course, as a Man Utd fan, that's fine by me. But it's still bonkers. They could give me some cash for our church hall & it would be much less money far better spent.)

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