Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I was looking at CDs in Walmart (the US giant that owns ASDA for British readers). Nothing took my interest. So I wandered back to Gill & Ben.

And passed a man buying a rifle. Holding it to his eye, checking the sights. In Walmart.

And suddenly, blow being even-handed -



Anonymous said...

It won't get guns out of Wal-mart, anymore than a Republican victory will end abortion.

Marcus G said...

Or troops any faster out of Iraq.

That's not the point - I just find myself suddenly totally repulsed by a system that puts shotguns next to chocolate, and therefore find myself idealogically opposed to those who see that juxtaposition as a basic right.

No, sorry, the right not to be shot beats it. That's a pro-life stance right there.

MMP said...

i well remember my shock at seeing a soldier with a loosly cradled 'something-that-fires-bullets' whilst on a train in Switzerland.

We take a lot for granted Marcus.

Marcus G said...

And I repent of my political naiivety. Not judging other people's cultures by the standards of our own is an important humility.

It's not for me to judge who should govern someone else's land; but when my nephew wants a bigger toy gun in a store where they sell real weapons, it is for me to be concerned, and to pray that simple humanity and "the right not to be shot" might one day trump frontiersman guff about "the right to bear arms".