Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Breast is Yet to Come

Derek read the Old Testament reading at Cafe Church tonight. Song of Solomon, chapter eight, verses six and seven. Wonderful, classic, resounding, resonant verses.

Unfortunately, and the preachers amongst you will appreciate this, for some reason, he decided to continue and also read verse eight.

Go on. Look it up. No, you can't quite draw it to mind, and I don't think you've heard a sermon on it lately. It's OK, I'll wait whilst you pull out your Bible. Or just click here for all three verses.

Glory. But you should have seen Derek's face as he realised what he was reading...


Anonymous said...

It made my semester, how marvelous it was... think I might get those verses embroidered onto a kneeler.

Anonymous said...

Your post's title! Priceless!