Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another year

So. Another year - which is frankly unbelievable. I think that birthdays get more far-fetched the more of them I collect. I have no plans today, beyond working & then going home & walking the dog. It seems silly to celebrate something so ridiculous. Though if anyone fancies calling round - I can't have a beer, I'm on antibiotics that are messing with me, so I'm a cheap date!
Looking back, I wrote this a year ago:
Age is a reminder: we are granted one life. Live it well. Don't waste it. Make good choices, and (in the words of Winston Churchill that I have on a fridge magnet) - "Never, never, never give up". 
I guess last year was a lot better than the one before. I find myself now more relaxed and at ease with myself, and the recipient of much grace and kindness. I am grateful for the surprises of the last year, and mindful of them cannot but expect more ahead. Life, even the fast passing, quickly advancing sort that I seem to have stumbled upon simply by getting older, is for living. And for that, much gratitude.

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rpg said...

Happy birthday!