Tuesday, July 10, 2012

there's a hole in my bucket

All this rain has produced an unforeseen side effect at my house.


Big ones, little ones, inbetweeny ones. They live just inside my front door, hiding from the wet. There's a square of tiled floor before the wood takes over, and (until recently) it was a trap for dog hair. Now, there are spider's webs in every corner.

So what to do?

I mean, I hate spiders. Almost as much as I hate snakes. Though I am glad to say there are no snakes in my house.

At least, none that I've seen...

Back to spiders. (Who'd have thought that was a good thought?)

What to do about them. I can't just leave them there, to greet me every time I get home. So - no choice, it has to be the vacuuum cleaner. I hoover them up. They get sucked out of my existence.

Now I have a clean, spider-less porch. Hooray.

Of course, then there's another problem. I mean. They haven't stopped existing. They are now simply trapped inside the Dyson. What if they crawl out again? And it's a Dyson. You have to empty the thing every five minutes.

So I empty it. Into the bin in the kitchen. That solves the problem. Webs & spiders & all - gone.

Well, of course, they're not gone. They're now in another space further into my home. They were just by the front door. Now they are in the heart of my home. Near my food. Where I eat. AND my bin doesn't actually seal when it closes.

Nightmare. I've made it worse.

So I take the lid off my bin, tie up the black plastic sack & carry it outside into the rain & leave it till the bin men come on Friday.

I just hope those spiders stay in there. They won't break out of the plastic will they? Cos if they do, it's raining, and they'll get wet, and if they get wet, they are going to come running to find somewhere dry. 

What price they creep back under my front door again...


Exile #2 said...

I never could bring myself to suck them up with the hoover. The thought of them flying towards me at speed was too much...however, I can confirm that spiders are immune to Febreze thanks to one rather desperate attempt to deal with one. They stand less chance against the bottle though...

Anonymous said...

At least they are only at the front door and easy to sweep out. It's the ones that make it to the bathroom via the plughole that freak me. I often fail in the belief that all Gods creatures are precious!!
Val Booth

Stephen Cousins in Pontypridd said...

I dont mind the spiders. They are welcome! It's the yucky slugs that keep coming in from some unknown entry in my kitchen. One day, I went into the kitchen and found at least five huge ones trying to escape as my wife gets them out! I cant touch them!

mmp said...

a citrus essential oil is supposed to help...some people use conkers.

Don't recommend the latter as
1) it's the wrong time of year to get them,

2) you could end up slipping or skidding on 'em while escaping from a spider ...who was no put off by 'em one lil bit,

3)they look gross.

The former is a possibility, lime or lemon for preference. Re apply every other day.


Joystep said...

The Dyson wins everytime,a tap on them and quick suction. Joyce