Sunday, September 09, 2012

best summer ever

From the torch relay that took forever, through the Diamond Jubilee (and that famous OAP boat ride), to the nearly Wimbledon & the moment Andy Murray became human - even without the weather, the summer of 2012 was always special.

And that was before Danny Boyle found our soul & celebrated it so wondrously the night the Olympics began.

The whole nation learned to smile as one, to celebrate, to love dancing horses & achievement with endeavour, and valour was valued once more.

Well, now it is fading. The September night closes the Paralympics which themselves close this amazing season. It has been the most beautiful dream. And I know that (in those words which Sir Ken intoned back in July) when I wake, I will cry to dream again.


Of course, when I woke, it was like a dream: Andy Murray - US Open Champion! A Brit winning a tennis grand slam for the first time in 76 years. This feeling will last for ever...

Or until England drew 1-1 with Ukraine. Now is the glorious summer of sport become our autumn of discontent...

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